Thunderbird: Highlight row on focus

I use the keyboard a lot.  For many years now, Thunderbird’s default theme (probably inherited from the desktop, which does the same thing on many dialogues) has had a little quirk that is slightly less conducive to keyboard use: It does not highlight the row with focus.  Here is an example:

This way, I cannot tell what will happen when I press the down arrow key because I don’t know where the focus is – will it jump down a folder, or go to the next message?

The easy way to fix this is to get a different theme that does what I want.  But customizing the default theme is fun too.  Create a file in ~/.thunderbird/yourprofile.default/chrome/userChrome.css, and paste the following content:

@namespace url("");

/* Keep unselected / deselected rows white: */
 background-color: white;
/* Selected / current rows are grey: */
 background-color: grey;
/* With focus, make them blue: */
 background-color: royalblue;

Then restart Thunderbird.


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